Progress Looks Like Our Youth

Several years ago, our middle schoolers on a Sunday morning looked like this:

(Were are they?  Well, there IS no picture, because there were no middleschoolers around on Sunday mornings!)

Yes, it’s true, we had a solid OWL program for 7th and 8th grade, but it was rare to spot the elusive Junior High Youth in RE Classes.  There are many complicated reasons for this, but I do not want to focus on them. I would rather bring the celebratory news that times have changed!

Here’s what the middle school group looks like now:






Thanks to the long term thinking and caring of MANY adults combined with the great attitudes of youth I am so happy to say there is a blossoming youth program at Channing both on Sunday mornings and for OWL!

The group is full of terrific, energetic and thoughtful youth who care about each other and this community.

Thanks to everyone who has chaperoned, taught, assisted, been a mentor, bought cookies at fundraisers, voted for additions to the youth budget and lent your energy to this growth!

Yes, the numerical growth is great, but the growth in faith development is really remarkable. The youth group held a cottage meeting for the Minister Search last week. On the whole, the youth had well thought ideas about what is important to them as Channing moves into this next phase. This great group. I heard laughter. I saw welcoming of new members. I witnessed maturity in bridging the differences between 6th and 8th graders. They understand community.

What can the adults learn from this youth group?

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