Knowing is Always Communal

Some folks are drawn to teaching. These lucky folks know that one of the absolutely best ways to expand your own faith is to lead an RE class. Whether in a class with preschoolers, elementary age kids, or youth,  exploring the ideas and stories central to Unitarian Universalism allows teachers to find a piece of their own truth.

I have seen all sorts of people become excellent RE teachers. New teachers often come to me unsure and worried that they “don’t know how” to teach a class. More important than teaching technique, is the ability of religious education teachers to share of themselves in relationship to the participants in a religious education program. We as a congregation need to help the development of a “faith-filled” teacher, not just people with specific techniques, strategies, and procedures.

Parker Palmer writes in Courage to Teach:

If we want to grow as teachers, we must learn to talk to each other about our inner lives, our own identity and integrity.
Knowing is always communal. Knowing is a human way to seek relationship, to have encounters and exchanges that will alter us.
To teach is to create a space in which the community of truth is practiced.

This year, we are refining the teaching experience at Channing. Emphasizing the faith development inherent in the act of leading an RE class. Highlighting the positive aspects of being in the class, the personal growth advantages, as well as the way teaching helps the good of our community. There are volunteer opportunities for folks who want to teach a lot, and folks who want to help with less time commitment.

Each season (Fall, Winter, and Spring) there will be a Lead Teacher to organize lessons in each class with help from our DRE and RE Committee. Each lead teacher will teach 9 Sundays. So that means we need 12 lead teachers for the year. These Lead Teachers deserve the respect of the entire congregation for the important role they play in our congregation’s health and vitality!

Supporting the Lead Teachers are Assistant Teachers. An Assistant will be in the class each week, helping as needed. Each assistant will be in the classroom over the course of the year 6 Sundays. So that means we need 20 assistants for the year.

We are now signing up both Lead Teachers and Assistants for next year’s classes. If you would like to expand your faith development, get to know some amazing and curious UU’s, and make a difference to your congregation, please contact Halcyon to find out more!


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