Stick Around For Joy

Joy To the World!

A favorite hymn of mine for this season. One that is tied into my memories of being with my family, making dozens of different cookies- all some variation of almonds and butter, or fanciful gingerbread shapes- and belting out all fives verses we knew in 3 part harmony. (Good thing Mom can sing tenor!)

repeat the sounding Joy

Joy overflows in music and tradition, in out connections with others, and in our time in nature. Joy is such a vital force in our lives – all year round. Carl Scovel remarked:

At the heart of all creation lies a good intent, a purposeful goodness, from which we come, by which we live our fullest, and to which we shall at last return. This is the supreme mystery of our lives. This goodness is ultimate-not fate, not freedom, not mystery, energy, order, nor finitude, but this good intent in creation is our source, our center, and our destiny. . . Our work on earth is to explore, enjoy, and share this goodness. Neither duty nor suffering nor progress nor conflict-not even survival-is the aim of life, but joy. Deep, abiding, uncompromised joy.

Joy is the core of our spiritual practice. Joy is our heart connecting to what we find sacred. A lack of Joy alerts us to when our lives are out of balance.

This week, we will make room for Joy in Chalice Circle. Please join us!

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