Pee for Two and Two for Pee

A collaborative post with Kim about pee:

One thing you may have not thought about this evening is pee. We have decided that it is fascinating! The subject of proper hydration started out innocently enough, but then took a decidedly different turn when another friend mentioned that in sports training center bathrooms, there are often charts, in full color, advising when a person needs to drink more water -based on the color of their urine.

Being lovers of learning, some google searching ensued* …. We determined that one of us (I wont say which of us or how it was determined) is a bit dehydrated. And one of us is doing just fine on the hydration front.

Here’s the chart so you, too, can do some comparison!

You’re Welcome!


*I certainly hope that no one ever wants to check my search history. Sometimes I just want to find out about things and then there’s a piece in one article that leads me to another odd random thing…..and on…. and on….. Let’s just say that my years as a Religious Educator have brought me to some really weird google searches ….and leave it at that.

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