Intangible Things I Will Never Forget

  1. The softness of the brass number plaque on my childhood house front door as I polished it shiny. It was metal silk.
  2. The quality of acceptance from the Mack’s Clam Shack (bar) patrons that allowed eight year old me to walk in, pretend to play the submarine arcade game for a half and hour and walk out. At least once a week. Say what you want about the 70’s, some of it made sense.
  3. The actual physical pain of my first broken heart. I had thought it was a metaphor.
  4. How headlights moved across the walls of my room at night, entering in one window, bending on the chine of the ceiling, and exiting out the other window. Ethereal brief visitors.
  5. The stark awakeness of trying to imperceptibly remove myself from a bed without waking a nearby sleeping child
  6. The Satisfaction of picking up a delicate piece of Sand crust without breaking it
  7. The first time I heard my own recorded voice


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