Moving the Fulcrum

I love this short video from Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University on the science of resilience:

This video is centered on the experience of children, but the science works for all ages.

We inherit a baseline of resilience through our genes, but that baseline does not determine our capacity to be resilient. Our physiology is one important piece of the equation, but our initial resilience setting is not final.

We can permanently change our ability to be resilient as adults. We can be resilient even if our genetic setting is less so. We can build resilience even if we have fallen down in past experiences. The more we build our resilience factors, the easier it is to be resilient in the face of future adversity.  We can move the fulcrum.

This fact revolutionized my own life and is the reason I am compelled to do group resilience work. Resilience is built through relationships. So, we absolutely can not do this work in isolation.

We are amazing and adaptive beings!

If you are interested in moving your fulcrum, check out Unbroken: Accessing (Y)Our Resilience

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