Symbols of Connection

Hi All-

There are a ton of thoughts to share with you about the lectures and workshops I have attended- I need time to process them, though.  In the meantime I wanted to show you one of the interesting things about General Assembly- the Ribbons!

Everyone is walking around with badges and each person has a different combination of ribbons, pins and stickers attached to their badge.  Here’s mine:

These are all symbols of our connections around our Association. I have my name (including CRE for Credentialed Religious Educator!!!), Pins for the carbon offsets I bought to help reduce the impact of my plane ride and the convention center use, a Standing On the Side of Love Pin, my Liberal Religious Educators Association lanyard, a Green Sanctuary sticker, Welcoming Congregation ribbon and the Annual Program Fund pink ribbon indicating that Channing was a Merit Congregation last year- giving an increase of money to the UUA .  YEA Channing!  Here’s a little video by our friend Peter Bowden explaining this:

What’s with all the ribbons? from UU World on Vimeo.

So we are doing well and maybe, we can expand our giving to the APF and Association Sunday in the years to come in support of the amazing work of the UUA who give our congregation a tremendous amount of support!