Thick as a Laptop!

Here is is, folks. A thing of beauty- the Competencies Portfolio portion of my Religious Educator Credentialing. Here are 12 competency areas: Administration, AntiRacism/AntiOppression/Multiculturalism, Conflict Management, Human and Faith Development, Jewish and Christian Heritage, Philosophy of Religious Education, Right Relations/Professional Ethics, Stewardship, Unitarian Universalist History and Polity, Volunteer Management, Worship and Youth. I printed it out in order to edit one more time, because I think it is easier to see punctuation mistakes on paper.

I was really surprised to feel the heft of this document.  I showed it to a few people who were agog at how big it is.  I smiled. I got the same feeling I used to get when people commented on how big my babies were. Proud Mama.

This stack of paper represents the last 5 years of my life: studying, training, talking, typing and celebrating. In it are countless meetings, smiles, small hands held, chalice flames lit, fumbles made, announcements written. It has been a busy, wild ride.  Thank you.

I am so grateful to this congregation for giving me the opportunity to grow with you.  This credentialing process has shown me how much I have changed over the process.

So, I have now sent the electronic copy off to 25 Beacon St- the UUA Office- where a member of the Credentialing Committee will read it and think of questions to ask me at my interview in Boston on April 21st.


It Takes A Whole Village, revisited


Today, I am writing more on my Credentialing Portfolio, a chapter on Volunteers, when I came across this video slideshow I made a couple years ago during teacher recruitment.  I wanted to share it again, and rejoice in the community we have at Channing!  Enjoy!

What’s that Credentialing about, anyway?

Hi Everyone!

It’s great to be back to Channing and all you great people! I have been heartened by the kind congratulations and interest in my recent acceptance into the Religious Educator Credentialing Program through the UUA (Unitarian Universalist Association). In the latest Catalyst, I promised to give a description of the program and what I will be doing to receive Credentialing. Most of this information is available on the UUA website and some of the following description comes from their Credentialing brochure.
The Religious Educator Credentialing Program was developed to strengthen Unitarian Universalist religious education through the continued development and professionalization of lay religious educators, and to provide a clear and effective system for standards and recognition of these achievements.There are three levels of achievement- Associate, Credentialed and Master. I will be going for the Credentialed Level. My timeline is to be finished in the Spring of 2011.
To qualify, I must submit documentation of a Bachelor’s degree, 110 hours of practical training and professional experience, complete a reading list, submit a statement of personal religious philosophy and a preferred pedagogy, submit recommendations from person’s familiar with my professional achievement, and submit a portfolio reflecting learning and accomplishment in 12 competency areas deemed critical for excellence in religious education leadership. The competency areas include: anti-oppression, anti-racism and multicultural diversity, right relations and professional ethics (including safe congregations), human and faith development, religious education administration, volunteer management, worship, Unitarian Universalist History and Polity and philosophy of Unitarian Universalist religious education, among others.
The portfolio will include, for each competency area: work samples, documentation of academic courses and trainings, leadership experiences in and beyond the congregation and a statement of scope of knowledge of the subject.
I will also have a mentor through LREDA (the Liberal Religious Educators Association) with whom I will meet monthly. As the culmination of the program, I will have my portfolio and materials approved by the Religious Education Credentialing Committee (RECC), as well as a 3/4 hour long presentation to and examination by the RECC.
I’ll be posting updates on my progress here on the blog. Wish me luck!