After the Rockers

SO here’s the thing.

Being a religious educator, I see in every conversation a spark of an idea for connecting people with the spirit.  Whether discussing Dr. Who, McNuggets, sex, or which couch to buy….all topics are explorations of values. Far from being tiring, it is energizing to find connections among people, interests, faith, and action. No news there, right?

The talking is fun, but after the conversations finish there is work to be done…and sometimes I am challenged by the first steps of making the theoretical real. The phrase, “Talk is cheap” comes to mind. So does that make action expensive?  Nah.

One of the lovely realities of this time is that conversations need not be in close physical proximity to be meaningful, productive, and deeply connective. I can continue to throw ideas around with colleagues and friends, adding in the tools of shared documents, drawing in other like minded folks to the project as we go- something that can’t happen while chatting on an island porch.

I adore modern communication tools.

Which is a long introduction to say that tomorrow I am beginning this massive, important, totally exciting project. Stay tuned and watch your inbox.

Reflecting on Our Technology

In my May Catalyst article, I refer to a show “On Being” which, if you don’t already know it, is WONDERFUL. This show interviewing author Sherry Turkel is full of ideas to ponder. Enjoy!


Being: Sherry Turkle in Alive Enough? Reflecting on Our Technology


What do you think about our relationship with our technology?

Have you ever wished for WiFi in the Sanctuary?

Do you tweet during the Message for All Ages?

How does technology effect the sorts of programming we offer in RE?


If you think that last question is irrelevant, think again! The expectations of children and parents around learning are being shaped by social media and technology and your RE Committee is already working out how best to embrace or respond to it.

As people of faith we need to be conscious of how technology serves us. All these modes are very new. Our society is still deciding how best to use the new technology to form meaning in our lives and connect us together without stripping us of needed solitude or face to face interactions. The challenge of adapting to change is figuring out what is worth preserving.

Join the conversation!

Technology and Time

I am writing this post from Empire Tea and Coffee (yea!) where I will sometimes stop to check my emails before heading into the office.  While I know I can bring a cup of coffee with me on the drive from “the Mainland” and go directly to Channing House, I have come to enjoy the habit of sitting for a while, listening to the tunes and easing into the work day.  One of the great joys of our modern age is that we can work almost anywhere, but as you know,  this is also one of the curses of our modern age.

We are often pulled in conflicting directions…read the email, make the dinner, load the podcast, find the lost piano book, google that unknown fact, hug the loved one.  This isn’t a news flash, we are overbooked and the technology that is expanding our lives is also stealing into our time.

I don’t think we will be able to pull the plug on technology.  In fact, I adore being able to write a blog to give Channing Families a place to go deeper into what’s happening in our Religious Education Program.  I love that I can video chat with my mom to check in with her while she recovers from a broken arm, because she lives too far to drop in every day.  SO technology is bringing me closer to the way I want to live, in community and in closeness with people I care about.

When it come to deep connections though, I need to look into people’s eyes, I need to hold the hand of a small child, I need to be with living, breathing people.   ROTFL just doesn’t convey the same joy as hearing a good belly laugh.

That’s why we still have church.  We need to be together.  We need to eat the coffee cake and to brush crumbs off a child’s face.  We need to carry a table with a stranger.  We need to fill a room with our music.  All of this is connecting with our spirit.  All of this is building our faith.

I am looking forward to spending time with you soon.